Utawarerumono Review

Hey guys this is my 2nd anime review enjoy just to be clear this is a review of the Anime not the visual novels or games in the uk lets jam !

Notice before we start: I’ll try to remember the plot as best I can quite a lot of stuff happens in this show so I’ll cram everything in as I can i haven’t seen it in a while either. This is actually the first set of anime I watched when I was getting into the genre and at the time I loved this show.

The story:

Utawarerumono is about a man with amnesia who is found in the woods and taken in the care of by two young half human
half wolf girls named Eruruu or Eluluu in the dub and Aruruu also their grandmother Tuskuruu * may have pronounced it wrong terribly sorry these Japanese names are hard to say haha* anyway the guy is soon named Hakuroro after Tuskuruu’s late son and he becomes a member of their village a war later brakes out and Hakuroro becomes emperor of the land.

What did I think of the anime?

This was my favourite anime from 2016 I think I watched it around … May time or June time something like that on my laptop and I loved every minute of it I thought the story was pretty awesome , there was a good cast of characters but as the years go on … it’s not absolutely amazing as I remember it I’m not saying it sucks I just think there’s a bit of a weakness in this show.


Let’s start with Hakuroro * I apologise pronouncing his name wrong it’s complicated πŸ˜‚* … i mean he was an ok character I guess but let’s just say he was quite a weak character he didn’t exactly interest me I’ll be very honest he has amnesia you can’t really expect him to have a lot of personality but I don’t know he seemed uninteresting to me. He was a good father figure to Aruruu I’ll say that you know he was very protective and caring towards her but he was a no no for me.

Eruruu: she’s my favourite character to this day but again she does have a weak spot in this anime she’s not a terrible character she has a big heart , she loves her little sister Aruruu and she’s very loving and sweet but the relationship between her and Hakuroro was very … boring I’m sorry that’s just my opinion yes I know they’re love interests but I wasn’t a good chemistry. But she’s still a favourite her personality also inspired a character in movie script I’m currently writing.

Aruruu: Aruruu was actually a well developed character she was very energetic , always got up to mischief , always got in trouble she was an enjoyable child character she was cute she definetly had more personality than Eruruu and Hakuroro.

Oboro: I liked Oboro my all time favourite character a total hothead , skilled swordsman I loved his personality he cared so much for his younger sister Yuzuha and was protective of her. I noticed in this anime a lot of the time the subject was family values which is frickin adorable the way it’s portrayed though it’s quite realistic.

Thoughts on the English dub:

So when I first watched Utawarerumono I obviously watched it in English and *sigh* I don’t want to be a bitch i really don’t but as the years go on my opinion on the dub has changed and let’s be honest the dub came out around 2007 -2008 and it was done by ADV Films which I miss terribly some dubs of theirs were good btw but Utawarerumono … was … kinda hammy the voice acting for Hakuroro (John Gremellion) was meh I weren’t too keen on his voice.

However there were some voice actors I did like Eruruu her voice actress (Kira Vincent Davis ) definetly put more emotion into the character than John did I love Kira’s work she was amazing in Air , Darker Than Black Gemini Of The Meteor and Elfen Lied in which she played Lucy. Last but not least Chris Patton as Oboro he did an amazing job with this character love ya dude ! Chris is always amazing at his glorious voice acting e.g. Creed from Black Cat , Ghost Stories Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist etc.


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